Classes Are:
(Tues & Thur @ 4pm-4:50pm &
Sat @ 11am-11:50am)
New Kids Martial Arts &
Self Defense Program
➡️➡️ Self-Respect, Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence
➡️➡Focus, Problem Solving Skills, Patience
➡️➡️ Anti-Bully & Martial Arts Self-Defense Skills
ATTN: West Midtown Atlanta
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Your Kid Will Develop:
Your Kid Will Learn:
➡️➡️ Western Boxing 
(Stance, Footwork, Combinations & Defense)
➡️➡️ Filipino Kali 
(Soft Padded Weapons)
➡️➡️Wing Chun 
(Hand Trapping, Siu Lim Tao, Wooden Dummy)
"Little Dragon" Certificate
(Earned - not given)
*6 to 9 years old & 10 to 13 years old 
Black Phoenix Jeet Kune Do
668 11th  Street, ATL, GA 30318
inside: Gladiator Fitness

For Question & Concern, Contact:
Sifu Khalil Shabazz

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